We offer a puppy class taught by one of our Certified Veterinary Technicians,
Heather. The main focus is socialization and exploration. There is a short period of
time (8 to 20 weeks), where puppies are open to exploring new items, meeting new dogs and
people. The number one reason why dogs get relinquished is because of behavioral
issues. This class helps expose and decrease potential issues that can occur.

  • Class Structure
    • Puppy play sessions off leash
    • Training Topics
      • Attention, Targeting, Sit, Come, Leash Manners, Leave & Drop It
    •  Exploration
      • Fun and positive exposure to novel environments, objects, people,
        surfaces, and sounds
    • Problem Prevention and Puppy Parenting Tips
      •  Including Crate Training, House Training, Jumping, Play Biting &
        Chewing, Handling and Food Bowl Issues
    •  Pass The Puppy
      • Positive experience of puppy being away from the owner



Class: 4 week course, after clinic hours.

If interested, please contact Teegarden Veterinary clinic at (309)444-2311 or email
the instructor, Heather, at tvcpuppyclass@gmail.com